Do i need internet to use prescrip ?
No, the critical functions of prescrip work completely offline. So you can access patient data, create and print prescriptions completely offline.
What is prescrip ?
Prescrip is an app that will enable you to print prescriptions in seconds and maintain patient records easily. With prescrip you will be providing impeccable printed prescriptions to your patients, leaving them with no doubts and no reason to call. Say goodbye to all the phone calls from pharmacies and the confused patients.
How will prescrip benefit me and my clinic ?
1. Prescrip will save your time and help you focus on diagnosing, while prescrip takes care of the finer details of your prescriptions.
2. Prescrip’s digitalized prescriptions improves patient safety, from dispensing errors associated with illegible handwriting and drugs that sound and look similar.
3. Prescrip enhances patient compliance to medicine with regular dose reminders.
4. With prescrip, transform your clinic and add capabilities of a hospital. Connect prescrip to your diagnostic service providers and your pharmacies, providing a great deal of convenience to your patients.
How much does it cost ?
We value your satisfaction more than your money. We recommend that you try prescrip for free and should you find it valuable for your practice, allow us to surprise you with our very low charges.
Where is my Data ?
Primarily data resides on your iPad, guaranteeing absolute privacy, however we recommend that you take regular backup on the app inorder to insure your data from unforseen circumstances. Be rest assured that your data will not be shared with any third party whatsoever. Read our privacy policy to know more.
How is prescrip different from other available medical softwares ?
Prescrip is being used by our doctors everyday while other softwares are merely purchased and shelved. We recommend you try prescrip for free and experience the difference. Dont take our word for it.
Do I have to pay additionally for maintenance, storage, SMS etc ?
Maintenance is our responsibility why do we charge you again ? Our subscription fee will cover unlimited messages. There are no hidden cost whatsoever.